Messaging for Customer Care in Financial Services 


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Learn what you need to know to transform the digital customer experience, boost loyalty and control costs. Presented by Sparkcentral. Featuring Forrester Senior Analyst, Aurelie L'Hostis.

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Part 3:  Fast Track Your Digital Journey: Concrete Steps to get started with Messaging NOW

Speaker: Abhay Prasad, VP Product Management, Sparkcentral

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Get an action plan for how and where to get started with Messaging for Customer Care. Abhay will discuss identifying use cases, feature selection, technology considerations, staff planning, implementation planning, new metrics and KPIs.

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Digital disruption has raised the bar on how banks and insurers should deliver customer service. Financial services customers increasingly self-serve on digital touchpoints, yet still expect convenient and effective live customer care when needed.

Join Forrester guest speaker, Aurelie L'Hostis, for a look at how financial services firms can use messaging to deliver differentiated service and a unified digital experience that drives customer loyalty. We’ll also explore how messaging can impact the productivity and satisfaction of your customer service and engagement teams. Finally, we’ll share some industry best practices and outcomes. 

Speaker: Aurelie L'Hostis, Forrester Senior Analyst 

Part 2:  Conversational Care in Financial Services: Driving Customer Loyalty with Messaging

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Financial Services providers must deliver a level of service that drives loyalty without exploding costs. Using traditional technologies and channels, is way easier said than done. To add to the struggle, many are on a long and complex digital transformation journey. Learn why Messaging may be the innovation you’ve been waiting for.

Speaker: Tobias Goebel, VP Marketing and Emerging Tech, Sparkcentral

Part 1:  Productive Disruption - The Digital Customer Care Channel Financial Services Need Now 

  • What’s different about Messaging vs Voice, Email, and even Chat

  • Why consumers (and agents) love it 

  • How it will impact your business NOW, including the ability to securely deliver a level of service that boosts customer loyalty while lowering costs 

  • How you can use Messaging to fast track your digital customer care transformation 

  • Specific next steps and a plan of action to get started 

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Messaging for Customer Care in Financial Services